About Me

Image and self esteem building consultant

Simplifying fashion for the busy women if Ireland no matter what age, shape or size.

Who is Gail?

Gail is a qualified image consultant, stylist, dressmaker and designer, who’s ethos is to simplify fashion for her clients and help them feel confident in their own skin….

Gail has been in the fashion industry for over 15 years…… initially Gail ran a dressmaking and Alteration company that soon evolved to Personal Styling & Personal Shopping Services. She went on to do her advanced diploma in image consulting and started her fashion blog, Gail’s Rails, on social media six years ago, to promote her style services and share her style insights and ideas. The popular fashion influencer now has 100K + followers for her regular posts and has built an unbelievable trust and credibility with her followers.

Showcasing boutiques, brands, trends and styling advice, Gail delights in helping normal, everyday, busy women to dress in a way that suits their body-shape, lifestyle and personality.

I am a ‘body-shape educator’, and my clients say I help them feel like the best version of themselves, helping them discover

how to conceal the areas they are self conscious of but still being able to wear whatever they like and love!

To feel good in your clothes you need to understand and follow the guidelines for your body shape, not only will this boost your confidence and look better in the clothes you wear but also eliminate anymore impulse buying”

From Strenght to Strength

The Gail Collection

Gail has launched 3 clothing collections with well known Irish brand Pamela Scott. Her range was called THE GAIL COLLECTION.

The designer incorporated her same ethos in this range which was simple, sensible, sustainable clothing. All three collections were a massive success with her clients and followers and sold out in record time.

The designer has evolved and grown her brand and credibility at an outstanding rate in the last two years.

In September 2022 Gail launched her first independent clothing range SENSS, her new ‘sensible, simple and sustainable’ clothing range which is set to become every woman’s wardrobe staple.  

The building blocks of a woman wardrobe”

The versatile clothing collection was prompted by the difficulties many women face in finding good quality well-fitting wardrobe essentials, like leggings, t-shirts etc.

She spotted a gap in the market to design simple good quality clothing that women need on a daily basis which was ethically sourced, affordable and lasting.

Natural bamboo fabric and organic cotton in the must-have SENSS range produce wonderfully soft and comfortable crease-resistant clothing, that is super for sensitive skin and importantly keeps gives you a great shape.

“If Fashion feels good on your skin, then style is effortless”

Fast fashion is never going to change unless we change, as designers and consumers, so making better choices in clothing is a central theme of everything I do.

Everyone looks more confident when they are comfortable in the clothes they wear. Size has little to do with it but understanding your “Body Shape does” and that’s the secret!

The women I meet begin to love the body they have and not wish it was different or like someone else’s.

Gails latest adventure was the launch of her own Online Boutique THE GAIL COLLECTION in January 2023 selling brands she has worked with over the years that she trusts and recommends to her clients on a daily basis.

She offers weekly fashion shows incorporating her style tips and offering body shape advice making online shopping easier for her customers.

You can keep up to date with the latest launches by following me on social media

My services are geared towards all shapes, sizes and ages

Gail is a self esteem building and confidence coach, simplifying fashion for the busy women of Ireland no matter what age, shape or size. Gail thrives on helping you restore your confidence and self-esteem by educating her clients on what suits their body shape, personality & lifestyle. Arming her  clients with the knowledge & confidence they need to eliminate impulse buying for good!

Gail offers a number of ways to help you achieve your style goals: Virtual consultations and video masterclasses designed specifically for your body shape.

Gails Rails has gone virtual! That's right! you can now have a virtual consultation from the comfort of your own home!

Take our free body shape quiz!

I have designed my master classes to help you dress for your shape. My master class will arm you with the tools you need to make great decisons when buying clothes. No more money wasting!


Our Happy Clients

I had the most amazing morning with Gails Rails this morning. Gail is super lovely, knowledgeable and so kind. She gave me a major boost in confidence and I can’t wait to wear all my new clothes. She helped me pick clothes I would never imagine wearing and everything suited me so well. It was a great way to treat myself and money well spent. I look forward to booking Gail again for another trip shopping when the season has changed. Thank you Gail

Francesca Broughall

Never in a million years would I have ever thought of booking a personal shopper experience but I’m so glad I did and I’d highly recommend Gail. For the first time ever I left the shopping centre excited and with bags, all for me! Gail was professional, knowledgeable, friendly and put me at ease from the minute we met. She puts a lot of time into planning your shop so you get the maximum benefit. Never before have I felt excited about shopping. With every event came dred about what I’d wear. Not any more, Gail armed me with knowledge of my shape, palette colours and a new lease of life. I truly enjoyed today and I easily could have spent the day walking the shops. Thank you Gail.

Caroline Lavelle

After 3 failed attempts, I finally got my shopping trip with Gail and it was absolutely worth the wait! I came away not only with some new clothes, but also with bucket loads of knowledge on what colours and styles I should go for. For the first time in a long time I am excited about shopping, the only problem now is there are too many things I want. I would absolutely recommend Gail 100%, you couldn’t meet a nicer lady to deal with.

Emma Donelon