About Gail & Gail’s Rails

About Gail's Rails

Hi all, and welcome to my website.

My name is Gail Murphy and I’m originally from Dublin but moved to Kildare over 15 years ago!

So, let me start from the beginning. In secondary school I never knew what I wanted to do. I was always good with my hands but never academic. I was let’s say, a visual learner! My favourite class was home economics. My grandmother thought me how to Knit and sew and in 6th year, I designed and helped make my own debs dress! So that was it! I wanted a career in fashion

I was a stay at home mum for many years but pursued my career when my kids were old enough and school going. I am a qualified seamstress but I went on to get my Advance diploma in Image Consulting as I not only loved working with fabric but I loved styling and dressing clients.

Business was slow to start out as it is in most new businesses so I needed to think outside the box!

I believe that if someone wanted to hire me as a personal stylist, I felt they have to know and like my style first. So on the 2nd July 2016 I started my own ‘FASHION BLOG’ – Gail’s Rails and I am VERY proud to say that this has been a huge success, with over 80,000 loyal followers. As the saying goes…..What’s for you won’t pass you!

I have been growing my brand ever since and after years of dressing women on a daily basis of every age, shape and size, I have designed and created my very first Clothing Collection … “THE GAIL COLLECTION” which is due to launch exclusively to Pamela Scott in August 2021.

Gail’s Rails ethos is ‘Helping the busy women of today’! Helping women to dress for their body shape and correct colouring will ensure they will make no impulse or regret buys. Choosing solid base clothing such as trousers, skirts and tops will guarantee ‘not having anything to wear’ will be a thing of the past.

I see Gail’s Rails blog is a ‘go to’ help page for women, which gives daily OOTD (outfit of the day) ideas, along with inspiration images on how to put an outfit together. Also information on how to dress for certain occasions and information on boutiques & shops that stock such items.

I always keeps in regular contact with my local Shopping Centre, boutique owners and online high street stores to ensuring my followers get regular updates on “Just Arrived” stock.

I often call to local boutiques to showcase their product in the best way I can and often try on the garments and take photos to post on the blog that day. That way, woman can see the items on a real woman and not a mannequin or model.

Gails Rails

It’s like bringing to boutique to the followers without having to leave their home. I find this is very beneficial for both customer and boutique, helping the customer find what they are looking for and the boutique making the sale.

I will only showcase products and boutiques I believe in, garments that are good quality that I would wear myself, items that are good buys that will be beneficial to a capsule wardrobe while always staying true to my style. By continuing to do this, a trust is developed between Gail’s Rails and the followers.

I always ensure I interact with the followers as much as possible and love how they interact back and contribute so much to the page. It’s their page as much as it is mine! The biggest highlight of my career to date is the launching of my very own Style Events in 2018 “GAILS STYLE STUDIO” sold out to 300 fabulous women.

I also travel the country to different venues and run Style Masterclasses. These have proven very popular and plan many many more this year. (See Masterclass Section)

The services Gail’s Rails provide are:

  • Personal Style consultation in Gails Style Studio in Kilcullen, Co Kildare
  • Style Masterclasses Nationwide/Virtually to groups
  • Boutique and Brand Seasonal Buying Advice
  • Boutique and Brand showcasing on Social Media Platforms

Should you need to contact me regarding Personal Stylist appointment, you can do so on Facebook, Instagram or email gailsrails@gmail.com