Apple Shape Body

How To Dress An Apple Shape Body


As a Personal Stylist, the most important thing to me in fashion is knowing you body shape!

It…. is… vital!!

If you want to dress well, you need to dress with your body shape in mind.

It is the foundation of great style and effortless elegance!

Style is all about balance.

If you want to appear visually balanced, with no area visually wider or shorter than any other, it is necessary to learn the following rules and guidelines.

SO………There are five main body shapes:
Apple, pear, hourglass, column and inverted triangle.

In order to dress well for your shape,  the style guidelines to learn are:

1 – Determine your body shape …………….Which I will help you with her on Gails Rails!

2 – Which areas of your body to emphasise and which ones to conceal.

3 – How to attract the eye….. and detract the eye away from a particular area

4 – How to create a well balanced silhouette

Body Shape

There are massive benefits for knowing your body shape!!

1• Save time in the stores –

Knowing exactly what cuts and styles to look for, shopping will be quicker and easier.

2 – Feel satisfied and empowered –

Knowing you’re wearing clothes that suit your body perfectly.

3 – Comfortable your own skin

If you are wearing clothing you feel comfortable in, you are automatically happier on the inside! And that beams through!

Comfort is the ultimate secret to confidence!!
AND Confidence is the ultimate secret to BEAUTY.

……And you CAN achieve all of this by wearing what suits your body shape and sticking to it!!

Apple Shape Body

You have an Apple Shape body if you have:

Average to big bust
Broad shoulders
Fullness around your middle
Less defined waist
Narrow hips
Good Legs


-Elongate your torso, draw attention to your legs and create the illusion of a waist.
-Opt for structured pieces as they will add definition and hide the extra weight
-Keep all details above bust line and at or below hem line. All in between should be kept plain and simple
-Invest in statement necklaces and shoes and avoid shoulder bags.

Best Trousers

Choose styles with a little bit of stretch for comfort and better fit
Flat front trousers that fasten to the side are good
Boot cut, straight leg or flared jeans and trousers will bring balance
Darker colour jeans are best and stick to clean lines without any extras (rips etc)

Trousers to avoid

High waisted styles just add bulk
Tapered trousers and super skinny jeans
Pleats and gathers just add extra bulk

Apple Shape Bodies

Best Tops

-Learn to use layers to frame the body and streamline your shape and emphasis your bust
-Fine flowy fabric will work well
-Detail around the collar and neck to draw the eye up
-Empire line or styles that go in under your bust
-Go for wide or low V-neck tops with embellished neckline
-Fitted jackets give the effect of a more defined waist. A fitted single button blazer is your best friend.
-Long length tops and tunics are perfect fro you
-Sleeve details will draw the eye away from the tum
-Wrap blouses can cleverly hide any unwanted bulk
-Aline coats and cardigans will nip you in at the waist

Tops to avoid

-Bulky knits are a big No
-High round neck tops will make bust look bigger
-Frills and ruffles, however a waterfall top with long draping fabric will slim you through the middle
-Slouchy jackets and blazers
-Baggy tops and tunics that won’t give you a waist

Apple Shape Body

Best Skirts and dresses

-Go for dresses that emphasise your bust and skim down over your tummy not clinging
-Empire line hide your tummy
-Wrap style dresses are great for you and flared maxi dresses
-Knee or calf length skirt, Aline will be great for you
-Try interesting hemlines
-Asymmetrical and hanky hems add interest

Dresses and skirts to avoid

-Avoid bows, belts, embellishment and other waistline details
-Be careful with clingy jerseys
-Avoid Body-con dresses or tight fitted skirts
-Dress sleeved that finish next to the bust.

Body Shape

So these are the general guidelines for dressing an Apple Shape Body. If you are still unsure which body shape you are, check out the other 4 body shapes on my blog.

Hope its been helpful.

Gail xxx