Body Shape

How To Dress An Inverted Triangle Shape Body


As a Personal Stylist, the most important thing to me in fashion is knowing you body shape!

It…. is… vital!!

If you want to dress well, you need to dress with your body shape in mind.

It is the foundation of great style and effortless elegance.

Style is all about balance.

If you want to appear visually balanced, with no area visually wider or shorter than any other, it is necessary to learn the following rules and guidelines.

SO………There are five main body shapes:
Apple, pear, hourglass, column and inverted triangle.

In order to dress well for your shape,  the style guidelines to learn are:

1 – Determine your body shape …………….Which I will help you with here on Gails Rails!

2 – Which areas of your body to emphasise and which ones to conceal.

3 – How to attract the eye….. and detract the eye away from a particular area

4 – How to create a well balanced silhouette

Body Shape

There are massive benefits for knowing your body shape!!

1• Save time in the stores –

Knowing exactly what cuts and styles to look for, shopping will be quicker and easier.

2 – Feel satisfied and empowered –

Knowing you’re wearing clothes that suit your body perfectly.

3 – Comfortable your own skin

If you are wearing clothing you feel comfortable in, you are automatically happier on the inside! And that beams through!

Comfort is the ultimate secret to confidence!!
AND Confidence is the ultimate secret to BEAUTY.

……And you CAN achieve all of this by wearing what suits your body shape and sticking to it!!

Body Shape

You have an Inverted Triangle Shape body if:

-Bottom half is smaller than your top half
-Little or no definition in your waist
-Straight and square shoulder line
-Great legs


-Defining your waist
-Softening your shoulder line
-Drawing attention to your great legs
-Keep any volume or major details to your bottom half
-Avoid items that extend or accentuate the shoulders – puff sleeves, shoulder pads
-Avoid busy patterns on top

Best Trousers

-You are very lucky because you have a really wide choice of pants and jeans that look great on you
-Baggy and wide leg trousers
-Go for any style that will accentuate your hips and bottom such as pocket detail and embellishment
-Light coloured trousers will be flattering
-Boyfriend style jeans, distressed look, baggy or coloured jeans, details on hip and thigh area e.g. various washes,    ripped, embellishment, flared, boot cut, wide leg, turn ups, big back pockets

Trousers to avoid

-Skinny jeans and fitted pants that will accentuate the disproportion of the bottom part with the upper body. But there is ways around it!
-If you really like to wear tight trousers, wear straight leg and cigarette styles.
-Tapered trousers or high waisted trousers
-Leggings can be tricky to style well for your shape

Best Tops

-Look for tops that will accentuate your waist and help balance you bust with your hips
-V-neck, U, strapless & asymmetric tops
-Cardigans worn open will soften your shape
-If you are wearing strapless just be sure to add curves to your hips as well
-Simple straight lines and wrap tops
-Tops with banding or nipping at the waist
-Tailored shirts, jackets & cardigans with belts
-Coats that flare from the waist are perfect
-Small lapels and collarless styles will flatter
-Look out for single button coats
-Dark colour tops

Tops to avoid

-Stay away from details that will accentuate the shoulders such as puffy sleeves and shoulder pads
-Puff sleeves and rushed shoulders will broaden you
-Shoulder pads, off shoulder, shoulder slits or slash necks
-Over sized and shapeless ones
-Embellishment on the shoulders

Best Skirts and dresses

-Wrap and empire cut dresses
-Fitted bodices with flared skirts
-High waisted puff, full circle and tulip skirts shapes are great
-A-line dresses and skirts will be perfect to add volume and bulk to your lower half
-Pleats and patterns will also be good
-Add volume to your lower body with skirts with a lot of detail, such as panels, ruffles, pleats and other styles that will make your hips look broader and therefore more proportionate to the shoulders.
-Pencil skirts that drop straight from the waist instead of coming in towards the knee

Dresses and skirts to avoid

-Frill sleeve and puff sleeve dresses
-Very fitted skirts will make you look top heavy
-Avoid Body-con dresses or tight fitted skirts
-Dress sleeved that finish next to the bust

So these are the general rules for dressing an Inverted Triangle Body Shape. If you are still unsure as to what body shape you are, you can check out the other 4 body shape types on my blog.

Gail xx