Pear Shape Body


As a Personal Stylist, the most important thing to me in fashion is knowing you body shape!

It…. is… vital!!

If you want to dress well, you need to dress with your body shape in mind.

Style is all about balance.

If you want to appear visually balanced, with no area visually wider or shorter than any other, it is necessary to following these guidelines.

SO………There are five main body shapes:
Apple, pear, hourglass, column and inverted triangle.

In order to dress well for your shape,  the style guidelines to learn are:

1 – Determine your body shape …………….Which I will help you with here on Gails Rails!

2 – Which areas of your body to emphasise and which ones to conceal.

3 – How to attract the eye….. and detract the eye away from a particular area

4 – How to create a well balanced silhouette

Body Shape

There are massive benefits for knowing your body shape!!

1 – Save time in the stores –

Knowing exactly what cuts and styles to look for, shopping will be quicker and easier.

2 – Feel satisfied and empowered –

Knowing you’re wearing clothes that suit your body perfectly.

3 – Comfortable in your own skin

If you are wearing clothing you feel comfortable in, you are automatically happier on the inside! And that beams through!

Comfort is the ultimate secret to confidence!!
AND Confidence is the ultimate secret to BEAUTY.

……And you CAN achieve all of this by wearing what suits your body shape and sticking to it!!

The first body shape I will be covering her on Gails Rails is A PEAR SHAPE BODY

pear shape body

You have a Pear Shape body if you have:

Narrow shoulders with a smaller bust
Well defined waist
Lower body wider than your upper body
Full hips and thighs
Rounded bottom
Good Legs

– Enhance your waist line and arms. Add volume to your shoulders and upper body to create a well balance body
-Stay away from clothes that draw attention to the hips and thighs
-Always wear something darker and slimming on the bottom.
-Make sure the bottom colour is a solid colour.

Best Trousers

-Choose trousers and jeans that are straight leg bootcut, wide leg or flared
-Stick to dark colours with clean lines and avoid pattern
-High waisted trousers and jeans will look great on you
-Flat fronted wide leg trousers that fasten on the side.

Tops to avoid

-Super skinny jeans (But there is ways around it!!)
-Jersey pants that cling to the body
-Any pattern, design, embellishment or embroidery, as it will only draw attention to the hips.

Pear Shape Body

Best Tops

-You can layer your tops, try wearing a blazer over a t-shirt in order to proportion the upper part with the larger lower part
-Peplum tops are great for you, making the hips look narrower
-Tops with sleeves, especially reinforced and cap ones, adding volume to shoulders, which balances out hips
-Bright colours, bold prints and embellishment to draw the attention on the upper part of the body
-Boat, cowl, ruffle and wide V or U necklines
-Cap and ruched sleeves will balance out shoulders. Also Cold Shoulder or off Shoulder will broaden the shoulders making the hips look more in proportion.
-Shrugs and gilets for layering

Tops to avoid

-Baggy tops and tunics
-Avoid tops and jackets which stop on the hips as they will draw attention to the widest part of the body
-Oversize tops that hide your small waist
-Slouchy jackets and blazers

Pear Shape Body

Best Skirts and dresses

You want the eye to skim over your bottom half and not attract attention there. You look great in A-line and flared skirts will skin hips and thighs
For a dress, choose a cut that is tight at your waist and then flows down over the hips concealing their width
Go for full flowing a-line skirts
Knee length wrap dress with an a-line skirt is beautiful for you. Add sparkle around your neck to draw the eye up.
High waisted skirts to highlight your small waist but always in dark colours.

Dresses and skirts to avoid

Very tight fitted skirts, Fishtail and body-con dresses
Horizontal line prints and bold patterns will just add volume to the hips

Dress sleeved that finish next to the bust.

Pear Shape Body

So they are the general rules for Pear Shape Bodies. If you follow these guidelines your body will look more in proportion giving you that perfect feminine figure.

Thanks so much fro taking the time to read my post and I will be covering all body shapes over the coming weeks so stay tuned!