Dressing For The Races In The Winter Months

Lots of great race meeting coming up over the Christmas Holidays but it’s a tricky time of year as regards to how to dress! Let’s face it! We live in Ireland and if it’s cold outside, you can guarantee it will be twice as cold when you arrive to the race course!! They can be very chilly places, even in the summer months 😄
So here are a few Gails Rails tips when choosing an outfit suitable for winter race meetings, yet are ladies day worthy, along with some inspiration photos of some of my favourite ladies day winter looks.

1- Always dress weather appropriate! This is vital!!! You will not be able to enjoy your day if you are rattling with the cold! It’s the worst feeling ever! So I suggest you plan your outfit around a great coat! A Dress-Coat with a flare or swing always look amazing! These really are a great investment! Phoenix V, Closet London and Debenhams are great for these little A-Line staples. I would also highly recommend a base layer! The M&S ones are incredible, ultra fine and a huge range of colour and styles!

2- Accessories – by simply adding a colourful pair of leather gloves and faux fur stole over a simple black coat, you can immediately transform a look into something ladies day worthy! I just adore gloves that go right up to your elbow, worn with a 3/4 length sleeve coat! Just class 👌🏻

3- A good hat!! A head piece is a must and to be honest my favourite for this time of the year is a traditional Tribal, Fedora or Panama! They are incredibly elegant! And don’t de afraid of colour! Why not try an animal print tribal with a simple camel coat for a real WOW factor!!! My favourite milliners for these type of designs are John Shevlin Millinery and Suzie Mahony Designs

4- The Cape – if you have a perfect dress that you desperately want to wear but it’s sleeveless or even strapless, don’t eliminate it! Think layering!!! Add a cape in a coordinating colour! These are widely available on the high street including Dunnes, ZARA and Debenhams. Also Marion Murphy Cooney Design capes are class 👌🏻Another very glamorous look is a coat draped over your shoulders for the cape effect! I personally love this look! Very 1930’s chic elegance 😍

5- Peplum – A peplum blazer over trousers or skirt can look so sophisticated! I personally love the prom style skirt teamed with a peplum blazer! And to add even more interest try the high/low skirt hem With a peplum blazer that’s longer at the back, so everything ties together for a real asymmetrical design!

6- Comfy shoes!! Obvious right!!! But if you truly want to enjoy your day comfy shoes are a must! Because you will be in your feet for most of the day!! So I suggest a mid high heel! Nothing to skyscrapperish!! Because it’s not appropriate for a day Event. I also suggest an ankle strap, a cross-cross strap or a tea-bar strap for extra support while walking! I personally can’t wear a court shoes without a strap, as my heel continuously slips out and I end up walking ridiculously 😂 I would highly recommend Dune London and New Look for great strappy court pumps! Great height and great comfort!!

So, there is no reason why you can’t be warm, comfortable and stylish at a winter race meeting! Its a lot easier to enjoy your day when the body is toasty and the feet are comfy! Because when we are happier on the inside it shines through on the outside.

So if you are heading to the races over the Christmas, have a fantastic time and if you follow the little tips above you can guarantee a “WINNER ALL RIGHT’

Gail xx