Black Friday

The whole Black Friday thing is getting bigger and bigger every year! You won’t see me in the shops tomorrow!! No way!! Bedlam!! I will be on my laptop purchasing online using all my discount codes!

There really is some fantastic offers to be had, but be cautious and don’t get sucked in! Write a list of Christmas gifts and items you need and try stick to it!!

Easier said than done!!

I use to order everything with my Paypal account but I stopped this last year and just started using my card directly and the reason being is because if something wasn’t suitable and i paid by PayPal online, it meant i couldn’t return it to the shop and I ended up with postage expenses!! So lesson learnt!

All the stores Ive listed below are safe secure sites so no worries there!

I listed all my favourites! Some great deals and on current stock too!!

Hope it helps xx

Happy Shopping everyone xx

black Friday