If you want something to believe in….

Start with Yourself!

Gails Rails Self Esteem Building

Do you ever find you have lost who you are?

Lost your self esteem and lack confidence!

Feel like you are not quite good enough!

Worry about what other people think of you!

Doubting yourself constantly!

Not accepting your body for what it is!

Are you a “YES’ person and feel the need to continually satisfy others?

Well these are all the things I see in my job as an Image Consultant on a daily basis.

So when I was contacted by Fiona from Anokha Learning asking me to take part in the “Self Esteem Building’ Program that they offer online…. I jumped at the chance!

Now, initially I started the course to educate me to guide and help my clients in the dressing room to help build their confidence! But I turned out to help me more in my own personal life!

I find myself doubting myself constantly and feeling like I’m not good enough and I must do better! I constantly put myself under pressure and am very hard on myself! 

I find it very hard to self praise! But I really need to practice what I preach to my Clients!

This Self Esteem Building program written by Vivianne Maloney has really helped me with my inter criticism on a massive level.


This program is an online course in video format which makes it super easy to fit into our very busy schedules. It comprises of 6 modules over 6 weeks that cover topics and tools to deal with Body Confidence, Self Acceptance, Outlets of Stress, Acknowledging your achievements and much much more. 

Self Esteem Building

I can not believe how powerful some of the little exercises were to me. It has helped me get through a very big transition in my life and a marriage separation. We all need emotional support every so often and regularly forget about self care! 

Taking time out for you is not being selfish.. its and necessity!!

I had severe Depression and Anxiety 6 years ago and thankfully have come out the other side and on my main focuses for Gails Rails is to help women. I never want any woman to feel like I did. I have the platforms to help as many women as possible and if any of you wonderful ladies are feeling low and not quite yourself, I would highly recommend you complete this program with Anokha Learning. It could change your life!

This Self Esteem Building Programme costs €120 and it will be the best 6 weeks of self reflection you will ever do!!

Link :


Take time for you… Be kind to yourself…. and Love who and what you are! Sometimes this seems impossible but there is one thing I am 100% sure about and that is this Self Esteem Building program by Vivianne Maloney is mind blowing and will help you so much.

The one thing that you have that nobody else has is YOU! 

Your voice,

Your mind,

Your story,

Your vision,