OOTN – Its all an illusion!

Tonight I am wearing the illusion of a jumpsuit! The reason being is because jumpsuits don’t suit me! My torso is to long so the waist band always hits my rib cage rather than my natural waist! And my backside looks like I’m wearing a nappy 😂

Being a pear, Iv to be very careful how clothes fit from my waist down! Because the last thing I want is to add pounds where there is already plenty of pounds 😂

So I’m wearing a wide leg, flat front pair of trousers from Carraig Donn. It very hard to find a good wide leg trouser that are a good cut but these are fantastic and have a great stretch, so no pulling across the hips. And at just €29.95, these are a fantastic wardrobe staple 👌🏻

My top is a body suit from Lavish Alice. I just love asymmetrical style clothing ❤️

So the 2 together give a more structured, tailored look that I love and is very hard to get with a jumpsuit!

Remember if you want to create the jumpsuit effect, ensure the trousers are flat front, side zip, for a more seamless polished look👌🏻

So remember, don’t change to suit the fashion, change the fashion to suit you!

My up-style is thanks to my lovely pal Sirena from The Hair Emporium, Kilcullen! As always a perfect job getting my mane exactly as I like it 😉

Jumpsuit Illusion