Lets Talk Jeans

Lets Talk Jeans - Gails Rails Blog

So girls, let’s talk about the most important piece of clothing in all of our wardrobes……….Our Jeans!!!!

So we all know how hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans! Iv been on the search for the perfect pair of jeans for years! trying to find a pair that hold their shape throughout the day and don’t wiggle down on your hips! You know what I’m talking about!

Having to grab the waist band a reef them up back into place on you waist! But 10 minuets later your still reefing them up!! TORTURE! Let alone, incredibly unattractive!

So for me the only cure for this is mid or high waisted jeans. Iv had 2 kids, so I need as much support around my middle as possible! And if they give you a lift and a tuck….. well Im sold!! So where do we get these perfect jeans, I hear you ask….


Well worry no more girls! Here are (in my opinion) the 3 BEST pair of jeans on the market!! And Iv tested all 3!!!!! All the brands I am going to show you come in mid and low rise too!!

Coming 3rd are the Super Skinny New Look range of jeans! Amazing fit, good stretch very comfy €29.99
Coming 2nd are the Salsa Secret range. A bit pricy but worth it. Again lots of stretch, tuck and suck which is fab, wash great and also great variety €100 Stocked nation wide.

BUT THE WINNER IS (drum roll please…..)

The Tiffosi – One Size Fits All!!!! Swear to God you will love these. They come in 4 different colours, don’t be put of by there tiny shape…. Seriously….try them on!!! The best jeans you will ever own. You wear them ALL DAY and they do not budge! No dragging them up on your waist cause there slipping down, no baggy bum or knees! They are amazing!

Lets Talk Jeans! - Gails Rails Blog
Lets Talk Jeans - Gails Rails Blog

You instantly drop 1 dress sizes. €59.99 in twenty one in Whitewater shopping centre (beside M&S) but there are stockists nationwide. They are actually displayed in a vending machine!!! So cool.

They have recently brought out a Body Shape range that are sized! But get this…. they have in-between sizes!!!! Yes, you can get a size 10,11,12,13,14!!!!!!!!!!!! Genius!!! So they seriously fit like a glove!!

Iv recently put a pair to the test and day 4 of wear……. still holding their shape as well as the first morning I bought them.

So hope this helps! Happy Jeans shopping xxxx

Thanks for reading everyone…