Mind The Gap!

Mind The Gap - Gais Rails

As you all know I’m crazy for a crisp white shirt and I recently features great ways to wear it with the midi shirt! But most clothing manufactures forget that all us lovely ladies have a bust! I have a very small bust and it even happens to me!! But my mum is a perfect example though!

She is very petite but big busted! So her challenge when buying a shirt is having to go up a size because of the dreaded BUST GAP!!! (Not a very attractive look, I’m sure you’ll agree!!) But then the shirt is ill fitting and too big across the shoulders and ends up looking like she borrowers it from my Dad!

Think I’ll invent a shirt with an extra double button on the chest. So what I do for her on a regular basis to rectify this is get my sewing machine out. And if I could offer any advice to you lovely followers is, get yourselves a little sewing machine.

Nothing expensive, Lidl often have them for €30/€40. They are not hard to operate. And they are just for basic alterations on your own clothes. Anything more tricky, leave to the local seamstress.

Now back to the shirt!! You (or your seamstress) can simply run a straight stitch from the 3rd button up to the 3rd button down! That gives you plenty of room to put it on like a t-shirt.

Mind The Gap! - Gais Rails Blog
Mind The Gap - Gais Rails Blog

Always put a scarf over your head, covering you chest when putting your shirt on! This will stop and makeup transfer. So that’s it! A simple little Gaily Hack that will make you feel more comfortable and happy in your day!! (A seamstress should only charge you about €8/€10 for this alteration and it will be the best €8/€10 you ever spent!

But if your in a crazy rush and you need to wear that gaping white shirt to complete your outfit and you have no time for alterations or sewing machines, I suggest a strip of clothing/body tape! I always have a roll handy in my top drawer! Just for emergencies xx