My Big Blog Award 2018!

Gails Rails Blog Award 2018

My Blog Award 2018 🥉

When I initially set up my Fashion Blog July 2 years ago, I always followed the blog awards online every October! Last year I made the long list but was unsuccessful and never made it to the the shortlist. I followed the event online and wished and promised myself one day I would make the final never mind the short list!

I believed if I kept going with my monthly articles on my little Blog, I would some day get there….

What I admire and respect about these particular Blog Awards is that it is not based on Social Media Following or requesting votes from your followers! It is based on your writing skills on your website and your knowledge of your business!

This is really important to me because I’m not like most fashion bloggers.. I started this blog to aid my business and they both work hand in hand! I am a qualified Image Consultant with an advance diploma and I am one of very few fashion bloggers that has a website and qualifications.

When I first started my social media fashion blog back in July 2016, it was to aid my business! In any business, you need to gain a sense of trust if you want customers! A sense of knowledge and guarantee your clients will get the service they are paying for!
So my message and focus has always been about giving as much information and guidance as I possibly could. I wanted to help women dress for who they are and give them as much guidance on body shape as possible to make this possible. I was determined to help women take the stress out of fashion! My main focus is the Busy Women Of Today! Simple put together looks and a good capsule wardrobe so they will always have something to wear.

I was and still am very very consistent! I believe consistency is the secret sauce for a successful business!

In September this year my consistency paid off when I got an email so say I had made the final of the Irish Blog Awards 2018!

I was so so proud that my writing skills to portray a message had been recognised! Because I’m dyslexic as are both my children, so I never believed I’d be good enough for the judges of these awards!
I truly was beaming with pride.

The night of the awards came and it was a “Day of the Dead” theme! Right up my street!!! I love dress up themed parties!
I was so excited, I planned my outfit weeks in advance and ordered my Rose headpiece from Mary Curry Millinery, from Co Armagh! My dress was ordered from Nasty and matched the red roses perfectly!
We left at 6pm and thank God we did because I had forgotten how bad Dublin traffic really is at peek time!

The venue was very cool! Tramline on D’Olier Street. It was packed to capacity and was produced very very well! The main sponsors for my category was NEXT.

Gails Rails Blog Awards 2018
Gails Rails Blog Awards 2018
Gails Rails Blog Awards 2018

I had met up with Caitriona from Dolly and Bella and also Jessica from “Jessica Loves” and her hubby. We had a ball and were yapping so much almost forgot about the awards ceremony that was going on behind us!

Our category was nearly last so we got very very excited when it came up…
We were all giddy as they called out the 10 Finalists! Myself and Caitriona were in the same category so we were cheering for each other…
Then there was a pause and the presenter announced………
“And the winner of the Bronze Award for BEST BUSINESS FASHION BLOG is……..
The image of my blog appeared on the big screen and I nearly fell to the floor! I was not expecting it at all! I was shaking and looked at my husband with stunned eyes and after a slight delayed reaction… We both screamed!!!
Caitriona ran over and hugged me so so tight!
I couldn’t believe it!!

Gails Rails Blog Awards 2018
Gails Rails Blog Awards 2018

This was total dream stuff for me and most definitely the highlight of my career to date!

The celebration continued but we didn’t stay till the death because myself and my hubby had a 6am flight to Portugal the next morning!

An absolutely fantastic way to celebrate my Bronze Award for 2018!

Thank you so so much to the Blog Awards and all you judges for the Award!
I’m still on a high ❤️

Gails Rails Blog Awards 2018
Gails Rails Blog Awards 2018