My New Skincare Journey

Before I go into detail about who, what, where and when, I am going to show you the results… because that’s what really matters! Did it work??? YES

A picture speaks 1000 words!

Gails Rails before and after pictures

Now let me tell you how I got these results!

Aging is a fact of life ….

Looking your age is not!

So as many of you know, I started a brand new skin care journey back in June with Christina from The Skin and Laser Clinic Maynooth….

Heres my full review ……

At 43 I need the best skin routine there is! Im not getting any younger and I noticed a detonation in my skin especially sun damage including prominent brown age spots. (Sometimes called Liver Spots)

In June I started a new skin care routine and treatment program with Christina from Maynooth Skin and Laser Clinic to target these issues pacifically. 

Christina is a Dermatology Nurse specialising in skin rejuvenation treatments and Aesthetic treatments like…… IPL, Photofacial, Vampire Facial, Chemical Peels, dermal fillers & anti wrinkle injections.

Christina also works part time as Clinical Nurse Manager at St James’s Hospital Department of Dermatology. This gave me complete confidence in her work and knew I was dealing with a professional. 

Maynooth Medical Skin and Laser is a family run clinic … Father and Daughter.

Christina’s Dad, Dr. Christopher O’Rourke, is a GP with more than 40 years in family practice. So you are in very safe hands with this Clinic and I have to mention their incredible receptionist/secretary Jackie Collins…. This lady is a breath of fresh air and I’d visit the clinic just for the chats with her. She’s also a very talented interior designer… If you visit the clinic you will see the most amazing waiting room designed and decorated by Jackie herself! She’s just so lovely. 

Gails Rails Skin blog

So back to my skin…….

Christina analysed my skin and started me on iS Clinical products to target sun damage, premature ageing and hormonal acne.

Now you all know by now that I refuse to speak about products or treatments unless I see serious results and the images attached speak for themselves.

Starting in the IS Clinical product showed results in less than 2 weeks. I noticed a significant reduction in redness and the brown shadowing from the sun damaged was reduced. 

There was no change in my hormonal acne but that issue is from the outside in so I don’t believe any product will fix that. Its the joys of being a middle age female!

Gails Rails Skin blog

ROUTINE: MORNING – Double cleanse with facial wash, tiny amount of Hydro Cool Serum and SPF 50

NIGHT -Double cleanse with facial wash, tiny amount of Active Serum

Being on the new skin care products really prepared my skin for the next step….. The IPL PHOTOFACIAL

Photofacial is a 30-minute procedure in which intense pulses of light are used to penetrate deep into the skin. It reduces age spots, sun damage, redness and age lines)

Here are the results after my first photo facial 

Gails Rails Skin blog

Christina also started me on a supplement drink called Skinade Drink.

(Skinade is a multi-award winning anti-ageing/collagen drink that boots collagen and hyaluronic acid. It will Skinade improve the way your skin looks and feels in as little as 30 days. From the age of 25 the collagen levels drops hence why the skin looses that youthfulness and lines and wrinkles appear. So this little drink is fantastic for feed from the inside out.

But I also felt it really helped with my energy levels as well as improving my skin hair and nails.

Gails Rails Skin blog

I got my second Photofacial done in August and my 3rd and last on in September and the results are seriously outstanding. 

Now Christina did claim that I would feel so confident about my skin that I would stop waxing makeup but nothing will stop me from wearing makeup because I am far too pale with dark circles….. But I will say these treatments have definitely improved my skin dramatically!!

So it gets a ***** 5 star review from Gail.

Gails Rails Skin blog


I hear you all asking…. so what does all this cost!! 

Well its not cheap and to be honest if you want results with premium products, service, expertise and treatments you must pay for it!

And the pictures below speak a 1000 words

Price –

iS Clinical skin care kit (tailored to my skin needs)

€235 – €270 for everything you need!!!!

Skinade Collagen Morning drink 30 days


Photofacial IPL laser – Per treatment


There is a 10% discount off any first treatment (Mention Gails Rails)

From now on… it’s sun hats and the best IS Clinical care routine!

With the help and advice from Christina O’Rourke from Medical Skin and Laser Clinic, Maynooth… it’s time to start getting serious about my skin !! 

This is the simplest skin routine I’ve ever had and plan on keeping forever.

I was gifted the products and treatments to review and that is why it has taken so long for me to write this article. I will not review a product or treatment I am not 100% happy with. 

But both product and service is definitely worth the 5 stars *****