My New PhiBrow Eyebrows



What are PhiBrows I hear you all say…. Well, PhiBrows is manual skill of semi-permanent eyebrow drawing. Scary right!!………Well here is my full honest review of my PhiBrows to date.

I attended my first appointment in Eternal Flair in Newbridge Co Kildare with Dora of PhiBrows (pronounced feebrows) yesterday. My appointment was at 1.30pm and took a total of 2 hours.

Dora does a PhiBrow clinic from Eternal Flair in Newbridge once a week (every Thursday) Dora has years of experience with eyebrows including being one of Irelands leading HD Brow trainers. Her own salon in based in Drumconrath in Co. Meath but she attends different salons around the country regularly to do PhiBrow Clinics.

My brows are always drawn on every morning without fail. I rarely pluck them because the growth just isn’t there anyone and I go into a state of panic when I see a hair fall loose because I just know it’s not going to grow back any time soon or maybe not at all! This is an image of my brow not penciled in.


My brows were becoming very gappy and very shapeless. So PhiBrow was something I have been interested in for a very long time! I researched it a lot…. and came across Dora through Eternal Flair in Newbridge who had advertised her on their Facebook, Instagram and snapchat page.

So my first appointment was made and I’ll be honest, I was very nervous! But after chatting with Dora about my concerns and aftercare etc, I was at ease!

The first 45 minutes of the session is marking out the structure of your new brows that is symmetrical to your face shape. There is a series of different tools that are used for this including the PhiBrow App, to ensure that Dora’s markings are exactly symmetrical to the face ensuring your brows look like sisters and not second cousins (twice removed ) like mine did!

When everything is marked and perfect, Dora sat me up to ensure I was happy with me new mapped out brows! And as soon as I gave the thumbs up, we were good to go.

You can clearly see in the first image below, how uneven my brows actually were!! Totally crooked!!


The next section of the session was the blade! This took approx 15/17 mins. The feeling was like a sharp scrape on the brow skin! It wasn’t pleasant but it wasn’t uncomfortably unbearable either. It brought a tear to my eye but nothing I couldn’t handle and my nose got a bit sniffly as if I needed to sneeze but Dora said this was totally normal and it happens to a lot of people.

The next part was rubbing in the pigment which was stingy for a few seconds but passed quickly when Dora applied the numbing cream for the next stage.

After about 5 mins to wait for the numbing cream to work Dora started the process again which only took about 10 minutes and I never felt a thing.

I then sat up and she showed me my new brows!


I swear to God, I felt like crying (with joy obviously!) They were perfect! And so unbelievably natural looking! Not to big or dark, just exactly how I like them! But better than how i would pencil them in! I actually gave her a big hug!

Dora gave me a leaflet about aftercare which included no make up for 2 days and ointment applying every 2 hours! This is all crucial as to avoid infection!

Dora made a follow up appointment for me for on 25th May at 11am because there will be a certain amount of fading after first initial appointment but after the second you have perfect brows for up to 18 months

Recovery Period & Top-up day – 25th May 2017

So today I was booked in for my PhiBrow Top-Up with Dora in Eternal Flair Newbridge. Its been 7 weeks since I got my PhiBrows done and I can honestly say, its the best thing Iv ever done. The recovery period over the last 7 week has been a breeze. I took really good care of them for the first week and used my ointment as instructed on the after care sheet that Dora gave me. I never experienced any pain or scabbing or even dryness!

I did notice that they began to fade slightly after the first week, but this is completely normal, so don’t be alarmed if it happens to you.

Here are some images of my recovery – week 1 – As you can see there was very little difference except slight fading in areas, which is completely normal.


The process today was very similar to as I described above on my first visit, 7 weeks ago except there was no measuring required so the process was much quicker. I arrived at 11am and I was out and completed by 12.30pm. Today was about going over the existing pattern and adding the one or two extra hair strokes where required. Strangely enough, my eyes didn’t water this time and I didn’t find it as uncomfortable as I did the first time, so maybe it was because I knew what to expect.

This is an image of Dora at work and also the images of what my brows looked like just before going in for my top up and the overall final result.


I am absolutely delighted with the results and I would highly recommend PhiBrows to anyone with eyebrow concerns.

The total cost of PHIBROWS is €390 which includes your follow up appointment and any top-up that may be required at the follow up appointment.

If you are interested or have any questions regarding PhiBrows, you can find out more on Eternal Flairs facebook page or email Dora at to make a booking in a salon near you.

Hope this has been some help to anyone considering PhiBrow Microblading. I truly am delighted with my results and I genuinely feel like its given me a facelift.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post.