How to shop successfully and sensibly in the January Sales

Many people get stressed out by the idea of the January sales but with some careful planning beforehand, it can be the perfect opportunity to update your wardrobe for a lot less. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the discounts.

1 – A list:
Before you leave the house, have a wardrobe clear out and see what items you’re missing. Make a list and take it with you to the shops to focus your mind on things that will work with your existing looks.

2 – Think ahead:
Sale shopping is brilliant, but so is new season fashion, which will come around sooner than you think! Before you head off, divide your shopping budget so that you’ve got some to spend in the sale and a little left for any new season purchases you might want to make. And think ahead to the next season, it may be winter right now but spring/summer is only around the corner, so check out some warmer season items in the sales too.

3 – Shop classics:
As well as buying what you want to wear now, think about timeless pieces. A statement coat that’s classic in style will get worn again, so that’s an ideal sale purchase.

4 – Experiment with your style:
If there’s a colour or style you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t been brave enough to, the sale is the ideal time to do it at a fraction of the usual cost.

5 – Shop Online: 

If you shop online then it’s easier to shop around as well as compare prices in a number of stores. Not only that but you are more likely to find your size and you will also save yourself time by not joining the huge sales queues. I find you have a lot more control when you shop online and are unlikely to make an impulse buy.

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Trends to watch in 2017

1 Foldover Waists
Boring waistlines have been banished for this season in favour of sharp fold over options. You won’t be able to wear belts with these, though, so make sure you’ve got a good alterations shop on hand, just incase.

How to shop successfully and sensibly in the January Sales

2 Military chic:
The big fashion houses are continuing their love affair with all things military – Cool khakis, trench coats and functional shift dresses were all big again on the  runways, so you can expect the high street to follow suit once again.

how to shop successfully and sensibly in the January sales

3 Shoulder Cutout & Off Shoulder:
The cutout/off shoulder trend rages on, with lots of cleverly placed cutouts for a subtle yet sexy look. This trend is going to continue for S/S 17 which I’m really happy about.

How to shop successfully and sensibly in the January Sales

4 Sleeve Slits:
Flared sleeves were all the rage last year, but now it’s all about the slit. Invest in bangles and bracelets to complete this new fresh look.

How to shop successfully and sensibly in the January Sales

5 – White Shirt Dresses:

The classic white shirt dress is much a staple as a crisp white button down shirt!It can easily be dressed up and down depending on the occasion. This little garment seems to return to the runways year after year and 2017 is no acception.

How to shop successfully and sensibly in the January Sales

Happy shopping my little fashion bunnies, and if I could offer two more words of advice, they would be  ……………

1 – Leave the kids and hubby at home! I don’t know about you but I shop a million times better on my own!

2- Wear comfy shoes….Your a woman on a mission, so make sure those tootsies are comfy!