Skin care routine

My Skin Care Routine


So many ask me on a weekly basis about my skin care routine and what products I use. Well, I have been using Image Skin Care Products from Therapie Clinic now for nearly 2 years and I will never ever change! I have a tendency to get breakouts on my chin and also being nearly 40, I need products to treat ageing! This is a tricky combination because:

A) I don’t want to use harsh products that will strip and age the skin just to take care of my breakouts and

B) I don’t want to add excess heavy moisturisers that will cause breakouts just to treat ageing!!

The breakouts use to really get me down and no makeup would cover them! But Image products have literally changed my life.
Most of the product I use are from the Image Ageless range, because they include ingredients like retinol, polypeptides and glycolic which are magic for both breakouts and ageing!


These are the Image products I use:

Image’s Ageless Total Facial Cleanser:

For me, cleansing is the most important part of my skin care routine, so that I eliminate any dirt build up from makeup and the environment throughout the day to avoid nasty breakouts and this does exactly what it says on the tin!
Image’s Ageless Total Facial Cleanser is a universal foaming cleanser that rinses away makeup and oil, balances skin PH, and gently exfoliates the skin without drying, leaving it fresh and bright.

Skin care routine

Image Prevention + daily matte moisturiser oil free with 32+SPF:
I like a matte moisturiser for the daytime under my makeup to avoid shine as I have quite oily skin around the usual T-Zone. I find this really good and it’s a great base/primer for your face, prior to makeup application. But more importantly, it has an SPF which will protect my skin from UV rays and environmental exposure which is so important from an ageing point of view!

Skin care routine

Night time is when the skin rejuvenates itself so the products you put on your skin at night are crucial and its important to have active ingredients in your products to help aid the rejuvenation process and feed the skin with what it needs.
I rotate my creams at night. Three times a week I will use Image Ageless Total Retinol Cream. This is amazing stuff and has a highly concentrated blend of retinol and polypeptides that resurface, rejuvenate and repair ageing and acne prone skin. This is the magic that keeps my breakouts at bay!
Four times a week I use Image Ageless Total Repair Cream. This is an anti ageing repair cream that diminishes wrinkles and firms skin. It is paragon free and has anti-oxidants to nourish and hydrate for more youthful skin!! This really is amazing and my skin feels and looks great in the morning when I wake up and always find that my makeup goes on great after using this.

Skin care routine
Skin care routine

The eyes are the first place that not only shows signs of ageing but also tiredness and dark circles. Now I have very bad dark circles but I inherited them, so no amount of miracle product, water or sleep is going to improve them! But I find the Image Ageless Total Eye Lift Cream fab for tightening the skin around the eye and reducing the appearance of fine lines and creasing. It also has ingredients like green tea and coneflower to soothe tired and dehydrated eyes. I never go to bed without it!

Skin care routine

Once a week or 10 days I use the Image Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque simple to rid my skin of any dead skin cells and it’s amazing for brightening the skin and leaving it super soft. It is a very gentle micro exfoliating masque that I leave on for about 20 minuets to half an hour. I always use it if I have been drinking a lot of alcohol just to rid the skin of any toxins and is a great way to kick start a fresh healthy week.

Skin care routine

These products are not cheap! But if you are to invest in anything, you should invest in your skin. We think nothing of buying a €300 + outfit for a wedding or event that you will only wear once! So invest your money on you skin. You wont regret it! Believe me, Im living proof of someone who got so depressed about my adult acne and now never have to worry about any serious breakouts and just get on with life! A very small amount of these product goes a very long way and some come with a little spatula to guide you. I get approx 5/6 months out of each product and approx 8/10 weeks out of my cleanser.

Skin care routine

When you first start using these products, you will notice a slight tingling sensation. This is normal but I would suggest you gradually introduce these products into your routine slowly. The ingredients are very concentrated, hence why they work, so do take professional guidance from a therapist.

Everybody’s skin concerns and requirements are different and if you are considering changing you skin care routine, I would highly recommend the therapists from Therapie Clinic nationwide. They are highly trained and know what they are talking about and wont put you wrong. My Therapist is Sultanah from their Newbridge Branch (pictured in the image above)

I hope this has been helpful. This is not a sponsored post, It is simply products I believe in and have worked wonders for my skin. I will only ever write blog posts on products that I believe in and that I have used for a minimum of 6 month. I am not a skin or makeup expert, fashion is my thing but I do gauge my blog posts on the number of times I get asked about a particular subject. This week its skin care xx

Win Win Happy Skin