Communion Confirmation

Tips and advise on dressing for Confirmation and Communion occasions.


Hi everyone,

There is a crazy amount of messages coming in about Confirmation/Communion outfits over the last few days. Everyone is in a panic! So here’s Gail’s Rails tips and advice on how to dress for this specific occasion.

1- Keep it simple and elegant! Remember not only is it a day time event, it’s also a religious event. So keep it classy!

2- It doesn’t have to be a dress! Not everyone is a dress person. Wearing a simple a-line skirt, pencil skirt, trouser suit (but not jeans 😂) or blazer and trousers can look amazing!

3- Be weather appropriate! This especially applies for Confirmation occasions! Some are starting next week and the weather is still freezing. Think jacket, blazer, sleeves or even dress coat! There is nothing more uncomfortable than being cold! You want to enjoy yourself and you can’t do that if you are rattling 💨❄️

4- A good fit! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Forget what the tag says!! Cut the bloody thing off and you won’t remember what size you bought after the first wash! But when you are buying an outfit for an occasion, buy the size that fits! And don’t ever say, I’ll fit into it by the time the event comes up!!!! Buy the size that fits you now and invest in getting it altered if need be! If the size 12 is to snug, get the 14, have it altered and it’s a fantastic way of getting a true tailored fit, that’s perfect for your body shape!
I’m a size 10 on top 12 on bottom, so I always go up in size and alter the top. So make sure it fits your biggest part perfectly, the rest is easily adjusted.

5- Enjoy it! Us girls love an opportunity to dress up, so enjoy feeling fabulous and beautiful! It’s your day too! So shine bright, stand tall and be confident knowing you look amazing 😍