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Voted in Top 100 Best Personal Stylist Blogs

Absolutely delighted and honoured to be voted as one of the Top 100 Personal Stylist Blogs worldwide on

I received the email last week and it couldn’t have come at a better time! I was really feeling low and with all the negative nasty comments that were on my social media sites last week, this was a real breath of fresh air!

As the saying goes…… every cloud has a silver lining!! is an online website that you can subscribe to all you favourite bloggers worldwide and will receive a daily email of their blog posts!

With all the restrictions and algorithms on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram at the moment, you will miss out on good quality content and blog posts from your favourite blogger because they are only allowing 10% of our followers to see our blog posts! So this is a fantastic was to keep updated.

So a massive thank you to Feedspot for this amazing award. I am very humbled and its nice to know my blog posts are being recognised.

Also thank you all for your amazing support and well wishesĀ on my Facebook and Instagram pages. It means the world to me xxxx



You can see the full list of Personal Stylist Bloggers that made the list on:

Gails Rails came in at number 41!! Delighted xxx