My Weight Loss Journey 


Probably one of the HARDEST posts I’ll ever write!

Iv had this post written since Christmas but haven’t had the guts to publish it! I guess I was in such an unhappy self-conscious stage back in 2014 that I didn’t really want to share it but I feel it could help so many of you.

Gails Rails is a help page for women and my ethos is to guide and help you with your wardrobe no matter what size or body shape you are! It’s all about feeling confident in your own skin!

And I guess I have the experience to help you not just because I have diplomas and silly college degrees but because I wasn’t always a size 10!

Most of my 20’s and early 30’s I was a 14/16 and 12 to 13 stone. But, nobody ever saw me as a bigger girl because I knew how to disguise the flaws, by dressing in what suited my body shape!! This is why I continuously go on about knowing your body shape and by sticking with the rules you can look more in proportion and create illusions to appear slimmer and have curves where you want them.

I joined Slimming World in September 2014 when I was at my lowest and weighing exactly 13 stone (God that’s even hard for me to type)
I went into that GAA hall feeling insecure and alone but I was blessed with the group I had here in Kilcullen! An amazing bunch of men and women who all soon became my friends.

Julie Fagan, my leader was just incredible!
I was like a dog with a bone and stuck to it religiously! It’s the only way!
I enjoyed it so much, I was soon part of the Slimming World team weighing members in! “The weigheriner” 😂

What helped me succeed was a combination of 5 things!
1- I always stayed for group!!
2- I drank a minimum of 2 litres of water if not more every single day!
3- I ate so much yellow melon! And when I felt hungry, I went for that!
4- I wrote every single thing I ate down in my slimming world diary! EVERYTHING!! Even the bad days!!
5- I planned all me meals for the week and had a shopping list when I went shopping. I did find having the same meals every week really helped because I didn’t have to think about it! E.g.
Monday – spaghetti bolognese
Tuesday – Chicken Stir-fry
Wednesday – Slimming world burgers etc.

And by doing these 5 things and sticking to plan 95% of the time, I lost nearly 3 stone in 7 months! By April 2015 I weighted 10stone 2!

The only exercise I did was a PILATES class once a week at Pilates For Life Studio, Newbridge, with an amazing lady called Eithne x

It’s now 2 years on and Iv managed to maintain and always try stay below or around 10stone.

To say it has totally transformed me physically and emotionally is an understatement! I am literally a different person. So much happier and beaming with confidence!
It’s all about being comfortable and confident in your own skin and well, I wasn’t and it restricted me from doing thing I wanted to do. So joining Slimming World was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life! Because without it I would not have proceeded with my career as a personal stylist and furthered my education by returning to get my advanced diploma in Image Consulting or have started my Fashion blog “Gails Rails”

So I will be helping you all as much as possible with body shape and how to create illusions to make and help your body look in proportion for slim and curvy girls alike! Because we all want to feel beautiful and confident in what we wear, no matter what our size, big or small and by wearing what suits your body shape will give you that confidence to shine bright 😘

Here’s my before and after images!

Love Gail

Gails Rails Weight Loss
Gails Rails weight loss