Winter Holidaying in the Sun

Winter Holidaying In The Sun

Due to the unbelievable response on social media over the last few days regarding my holiday Vlogging, I decided to write a full article here on my website for all to read. 

Holidaying in Lanzarote is not new to me, It’s a destination Im very fond of, particularly Playa Blanca. 


I booked this holiday back in June for Williams 50th Birthday present. Booking so far in advance had its advantages! Flights were very reasonable and I got both with Ryanair for €454 and that included 2 X 20kg checked-in bags, Fast Pass and Priority!! Now for most people 2 Check in bags wouldn’t be necessary for a 5 day break but It was my first holiday abroad with William and I didn’t want to restrict what I brought, so this could have been a lot cheaper. 


When choosing a destination for our first holiday abroad, It was a no brainer for me… Playa Blanca in Lanzarote is my favourite location (About 30 minute drive from Airport)

Winter Holidaying in the sun


I booked H10 Rubicon Palace ***** 

I opted for half board (Breakfast & Dinner) with a sea view for €664 on 

Ideally I would have preferred full board but it wasn’t an option on but it suited me more to book on this site rather than direct as wasn’t necessary to pay upfront .

On arrival I decided to upgrade to Privilege ! 

Privilege gave us……

  • Ultimate sea view right on the coastline at the front of the resort.
  • Access to the Privilege Bar with roof top pool view balcony and all alcohol and snacks available all day end evening till 11pm.
  • Luxury bath ropes and slippers in room.
  • Access to Privilege only Pool Area with complimentary snack and alcohol kiosk.
  • Daly Newspapers of our choice 
  • Access to Privilege Waiter served Breakfast Restaurant 

Im sure there was more but this is all we availed off. 

To upgrade at reception on arrival cost me €204 extra ….And it was so worth it 

Winter Holidaying in the sun



We arrived in the hotel on 10th January, so the hotel was very quiet and most of the other guests were couples also, which suited us down to the ground because we left kids at home for a quiet couple getaway.

But there was facilities and activities for children their…. 

There was a children’s pool area with very cool large pirate ship, crazy golf and archery. There was also a nightly children’s disco in the theatre area on the middle level.

The bar had nightly Live entertainment with easy listen to music and the cocktails were very reasonably prices too with a very large cocktail menu.

If you were All Inclusive… all your drinks are included and if not they charge your room…. No money is exchanged.


The Pool areas are very impressive located in the centre of the resort with the iconic large ship in the centre that is lit up magnificently at night time, which is perfect for holiday photos. 

The Pool areas are immaculate with plenty of sun loungers… all with umbrellas at each.

We stayed in the Privilege Pool area which was lovely and quiet and very private and conveniently located right next to our hotel room. Here we lounged in the sun all day and availed of the Privilege Kiosk which served beer, cocktails and fresh snacks and sandwiches.


Well…..where do I start with this one !!! Lets just say… this resort has an unbelievable selection or restaurants on site to choose from…

The main buffet dining area is just incredible… Something for every taste bud.

The buffet style gallery gave you the option to serve yourself and the choice was just outstanding.

We dined here 3 out of the 4 nights we stayed, It was that good and there is 2 of these buffet style restaurants to choose from!

There is also a Steak house, The Privilege Restaurant, An Italian and Mikes Coffee Shop! There was another couple of restaurants scattered around the resort but we never ventured in because we just loved the buffet main restaurant. 

There is also room service available after hours. 


So like I said earlier, I upgraded to a Privilege room with sea view. Now I had originally booked a sea view room with bookings .com but the location of the room seemed very far back in the resort so I’d say it was very restricted of view when the receptionist showed it to me on the map. 

But the room we got after upgrading was out of this world!! So my opinion here is to book directly with the H10 Rubicon Palace because the privilege or all inclusive option is not available on booking .com. (well … not at the time of my booking)

Our room was not very spacious but the balcony gave it the feel of being more open with 2 double opening door looking out on the most spectacular views EVER!!!

The room, despite being small in diameter, suited us as a couple perfectly and was equipped with more than what we needed! 

It came with Privilege extras like bath robes and slipper, also a full coffee pod machine with a choice of coffees which William loved.

The bathroom was very spacious in fairness with gorgeous toiletries and vanity sets including sewing, shaving kit and even toothbrushes. The hairdryer wasn’t great! It was attached to a cord and you had to keep your finger on the button to operate… so my advice I would be to bring your own!

But for me it was the balcony….. Those views! I could hear the waves splash up against the rocks, we were that close!! It was heaven!!


We had a couple of overcast days so we ventured out of the resort for a bit of adventure ….

We visited the local Playa Blanca Market down on the Marina in the centre of the town which is about a 5 minute drive from H10 Rubicon. 

The market is on every Saturday and Wednesday 9am – 2pm and it is huge…

Loads of stalls from local traditional to dupe handbags and watches! 

My advice would be to wait till about 9.30/10am to go, so that all stalls are open but don’t leave it any later than 12pm as it can get very busy!

On Monday we drove to Lanzarote Safari – which is on the LZ 2 road heading back towards the airport. We hired the Slingshot motor car and it was the coolest thing Ive ever done. 

It cost €140 for the 3.5 hour tours and it is the best in my opinion!

We have a really cool tour guide and we were lead around the island to the most incredible locations I’ve ever seen in my life!! Places we would never have seen if we just ventured out in the car ourselves! 

To be honest I thought I’d get bored but NOT A CHANCE!! The time flew and I didn’t want it to end! William is a serious petrol head and motor sport in in his blood, so this was perfect for us, especially because Im as much of a petrol head as he is! It was a real novelty and a very cool mobile….

This activities location also does other excursions such as buggy dirt trekking across the desert, horse riding and camel rides. All in the same area but owned by different people. 

Winter Holidaying in the sun
Winter Holidaying in the sun
Winter Holidaying in the sun
Winter Holidaying in the sun


Now this is the one thing so many struggle with, including myself. I was in panic stations trying to figure this out.

But I called on all my followers on instagram days before I flew out and they were amazing with mountains of advice that I was very grateful for …….

Everyone warned me that Lanzarote got a bit chilly at night time when the sun went in … and they were right!! But it was just like a summers evening her, just a bit breezier,…

I packed all summer dresses and just brought a little suede biker jacket and my denim jacket… This was all I needed … It never really got that cold when we were there.

My other life saver was the shoes I brought for the evening time. My advice is bring one pair of shoes that go with all your outfits and preferably a block heel or a wedge because the cobble lock streets and uneven tiled path ways are not stiletto friendly.

I also packed sports gear for our safari adventures. I brought long leggings and a zippy top because you need to protect yourself from the sun and wind burn while out and about on these excursions. Runners are always a must!

Winter Holidaying in the sun
Winter Holidaying in the sun
Winter Holidaying in the sun
Winter Holidaying in the sun
Winter Holidaying in the sun

My airport look was very simple and I wore it home too. I call it my airport uniform! Jeans, denim shirt, longline cardigan and block heel comfy boots…. simple and stylish. Its also a great out fit to un-layer when you arrive at your hot destination.

Daytime wear consisted of 2 tank-teenies and a couple of coordinating sarongs. For daytime strolls I packed a maxi shirt and an off shoulder top that I wore with my denim jacket that I could remove if it got too hot. 

So that’s it in a nut shell…. A trip away to the sun in winter….

I hope you found it helpful and I covered as many of your questions from my social media sites too. 

Happy Holidaying everyone…. and thank you for your lovely messages while I was away. 


Gail (and William)

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