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An experienced and qualified Personal Stylist can educate you on everything about fashion, style and how best to wear it. This is exactly what you get from me, Gail of Gails Rails, qualified Image Consultant, Fashion Blogger and Social Media Digital Influencer.

I combine my fashion industry knowledge along with two decades of experience, to offer you a professional, friendly and personal styling consultation. A specialist in style coaching and advice on bespoke clothing, designed to help you look and feel your very best. Helping you to develop your very own personal style and ensuring maximum confidence and self-esteem whatever the occasion may be.

I started Gails Rails Facebook and Instagram blog in July 2016. It initially started as a creative outlet, where I compiled all of my daily inspiration, thoughts, and photos of my personal style. Over the years Gails Rails has developed into a top destination for style inspiration.

I strive to create quality content to inspire and help my followers achieve their ambitions. My ambition is to simplify fashion and guide the busy woman of today to achieve their very own fashion sense.

To quote my late Grandmother….. “If you can think it in your head you can hold it in your hand”


Thanks to all who visit.






25th APRIL 2020

5.30pm Till Late 

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