Where it all began

The SENSS Clothing Brand was created and designed by Image Consultant and Seamstress Gail Doyle better known as Gails Rails in 2022.

As well as a mother of 2 ….Gail has worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years and started out as a seamstress and craft maker from her front room which fitted in well to being a stay at home Mam. 

She then expanded in 2010 and build a small chalet to the side of her house in Kildare where she ran her embroidery and alteration business. 

In 2015 Gail furthered her skills and completed an advance diploma in Image Consultancy where she left the Alterations Business behind and became a full time Personal Stylist in Retail Shopping Centre in the Leinster area but predominately in Whitewater Shopping Centre and Kildare Village.

Gail focused hard on her Social Media Platforms with daily style tips and advice. It grew a very large loyal following through out Ireland that grew at a very fast pace. Brands and department store requested collaborations with Gail because of her knowledge and experience with dressing women on a daily basis. Gail always stayed true and loyal to her business and only promote quality brands and product while also offering style advice to her audience. This sense of trust between follower and brand grew and Digital Influencing was soon a very big aspect to her business GMG STYLE LTD.

Following a number of Brand Ambassador roles with well know brands like Pauls Department Store Kilkenny and Pamela Scott, Gail wasn’t one to stand still. She always wanted to grow her business and wasn’t afraid of stepping out of her comfort zone.

In 2019 Gail put together a business plan to design her own clothing brand but was unable to financially support it due to the pandemic. However Pamela Scott saw the potential and funded Gails designs where she launched three Clothing Collection in 2021 and 2022 called The Gail Collection 

Gails company, GMG STYLE LTD was the main umbrella company to Gails Rails, The Gail Collection, Gails Style Studio Shows and now SENSS her own clothing brand.

After two very successful years in business, Gail was in a position to launch and finance her collection SENSS 

Simple, Sensible, Sustainable Clothing. 

Designs that are based around a strong capsule wardrobe them.

The inspiration behind the brand 

After years of experience as a personal stylist and Image Consultant, Gail has always got inspiration from her clients requests and it’s always very obvious what women want …. 

To look stylish but feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

To achieve and master deigns that offer style and comfort, the knowledge of fabric is essential and creating compositions that feel amazing on the skin.

Gails favourite fabrics in her collections include Bamboo, Organic Cottons, Nylons, Modal and viscous. In her words …. These are the luxury fabric for that skin and you will adore wearing. 

Gails SENSS designs will always be thoughtfully curated. And easily interchangeable to maximise your everyday wardrobe looks. 

Timeless pieces that will never leave your wardrobe no matter what the season.

‘Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance’ - Coco Chanel

Why you'll LOVE SENSS Leggings

We have all had similar issues when buying leggings. They wiggle down, the dreaded see through fabrics, don’t give good tummy control, the list is endless!

So after years of listening to the same concerns from so many women. Gail knew there was a gap in the market so she got her sketch pad out and began the journey to create the perfect pair of legging!

The SENSS collection is made up of the most fantastic Bamboo and Organic Cotton Fabric. Pairing these two fabrics together gives the most sustainable, comfortable and stylish fitting garment. All designed, hand picked and single handedly packaged by Gail Doyle.